The Lowery Art House of Montgomery
A venue for Artists from all over the world to share their Art and Vision with others -- click on the "PROJECT" button above to see a slideshow of the changes to date.

Located outside the City of Montgomery (Birthplace of the Texas Flag), Texas, TLAHM is the product of two historic homes brought from their original locations miles away and then joined together to create one structure.  The exterior has been kept original where possible to allow the artists to create their art on any of three mediums:  metal, concrete tile or wood.

Nestled among lush foliage of trees on several acres, caressed by the wind and complimented by a pond, The Lowery Art House of Montgomery (TLAHM) shall become an icon and sanctuary for artists near and far to express their ideas.

To attend and watch OR to perform, please call or click the link:

"For those who BLEED art"

(281) 738-3362
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